Karl and Sara Schmitt

we are: healthcare coalition experts

We are a boutique firm focused solely on helping healthcare coalition leaders build effective, self-sustaining organizations that deliver meaningful services to their members and their communities at large.

We bring the perfect combination nonprofit development experience and preparedness expertise to help coalitions lay a rock-solid business foundation that supports the delivery of valuable educational opportunities to their members.

We are Karl and Sara Schmitt, the founders of bParati.com and bParati, LLC. We believe healthcare coalitions provide a better way...


our vision, our mission

to reduce human suffering and loss of life

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our vision

To reduce human suffering and loss of life caused by disasters and the responses to them

our mission

To align the disaster preparedness efforts of healthcare organizations, emergency management agencies, and public health departments through effective, sustainable healthcare coalitions

our values

  • Public dollars mean public domain
  • Shared cost, shared effort, shared resources – whenever and wherever possible
  • Cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge between professional disciplines, economic sectors, and jurisdictions
  • Access to preparedness resources anywhere, anytime, regardless of economic means

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About bParati

We are laser focused on ASPR Healthcare Capability 1, the Foundation for Healthcare & Medical Readiness. We help healthcare coalition leaders lay the foundation for effective, sustainable organizations that deliver value to their members ... learn more