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bParati Workshop Set Up

At an annual preparedness conference, you end up in a room that's either half empty or one that's overflowing out the door with a temperature hovering around 110 degrees. So, you stand in the hall and try to hear what's being said....

as the presenters proceed to the podium one at a time, each reading bullet points from their slides and then closing with, "any questions?"

We cap attendance at 60 and give you an intimate environment that promotes two-way conversation throughout. And we really dislike bullet points.

three nationally renowned facilitators

tackling healthcare coalition development challenges from three altitudes, three perspectives

Dr. David Marcozzi
Karl Schmitt
Craig Camidge

At an annual preparedness conference, there are dozens of sessions to choose from, some are rock solid, some not so much; some delivered by dynamic presenters, some that put you to sleep. That's what happens when the conference planning committee must deliver meaningful offerings to over 1,000 attendees, from newbies to talented veterans

We offer a boutique experience facilitated by three nationally renowned experts focused on your coalition development needs.

focused on the organizational foundation

there's a reason capability one is capability one; domain one is domain one

bParati Healthcare Coalition Workshop Curriculum

Many preparedness conferences offer great sessions, but not necessarily the right sessions for healthcare coalition leadership. Sometimes you don't need the most information; you need precise solutions.

And that's why we focus exclusively on key areas within the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response's 2017-2022 Healthcare Preparedness and Response (HCPR) Capabilities, Capability 1: The Foundation for Healthcare and Medical Readiness and 2017-2022 HPP Funding Opportunity Announcement, Domain Strategy 1: Strengthen Community Resilience.

Capability 1: The Foundation for Healthcare and Medical Readiness

2017-2018 hpp cooperative agreement domain one strategy: strengthen community resilience


agenda and objectives

whether your state or coalition is starting from scratch or looking to continue its evolution, this workshop is for you

Time Module Detail
7:45 Check In It is what it is.
7:45 Breakfast Breakfast is provided
8:15 Welcome, Outline & Introductions

  • Introductions of facilitators and attendees
  • Outline of the workshop objectives
  • Why we do what we do
  • The story of the organizational life cycle

8:45 Module 1: The Stakeholder Disconnect & New Member Engagement

Attendees will understand:

  • The difference between healthcare and public health
  • How the primary focus of private healthcare providers differs from those of emergency management agencies, local health departments, and EMS
  • Why local health departments are resistant to delivering medical care in disasters
  • Why healthcare providers are resistant to delivering medical care "off-campus" during disasters
  • Why healthcare providers have a higher degree of concern for legal liability
  • Where healthcare providers, public health departments, emergency management agencies and EMS derive their revenue from– and why it matters
  • How engagement of EMS may be challenged by its organizational structure and governance
10:00 Break Do your thing...
10:15 Module 2: Organizational Structure & Governance

Attendees will understand:

  • The different types of fiduciaries and the potential benefits and pitfalls with each
  • The difference between a fiscal agent and fiscal sponsor, contractor, and sub grantee
  • What a nonprofit is, how to establish one, and when it makes sense for a HCC to do so
  • What a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation means to a HCC, when it should be considered, and when it isn't worth the effort
  • How the HCC's organizational structure affects property rights and accountability for supplies and equipment purchased with HPP funds
  • What governance means, what it includes, and how and why it serves as the legal foundation for all HCCs
  • What governing documents a HCC must have and those it should have
  • The order of precedence of governing documents
  • What bylaws are, why every HCC must adopt them, and how they protect the interest of the HCC's leadership and its members
  • How to structure flexible, nimble governance while protecting the interest of both the coalition's leaders and the membership at large
12:00 Lunch Lunch is provided
12:45 Module 3: Engaging Healthcare Executives

Attendees will understand:

  • The perspectives of healthcare executive leaders on preparedness
  • How to discuss the linkage between daily healthcare delivery priorities and care in disasters
  • How to articulate the components of sustainable healthcare preparedness to executives
  • Why the IRS Community Benefit Standard provides an opening to executive engagement and how to use it to start the conversation
  • The importance of understanding care in crisis, and the risks to patients and facilities of not being prepared
  • Preparedness tenants, that if employed, actually strengthen daily healthcare delivery
2:00 Break Do your thing...
2:15 Module 4: Member Engagement, the Value Proposition, and Sustainability

Attendees will understand:

  • The potential avenues that can drive unrestricted revenue for the HCC, reducing reliance on grant funding
  • How the HCC's organizational structure determines whether it can earn unrestricted revenue
  • Why creating or partnering with a 501(c)(3) public charity opens the door to opportunities not otherwise available
  • The value in establishing formal business partnerships in preparedness and the potential return on investment for this entity
  • Resources that are helpful and proven solutions to challenges
3:45 Q&A: Panel Discussion Questions based on the day's discussion answered and batted around for the benefit of all
4:00 Social Mixer Casual sharing of successes, train wrecks, ideas, resources, and contact information between attendees. Appetizers and drinks will be provided.
5:00 Exodus Go and team build: Hit the pool, the town, dinner, float a boat, fly a kite...Solve the world's problems, or at least your coalition's. No matter what, do it together.

Day 2 Agenda

Time Module Detail
7:45 Breakfast Breakfast is provided
8:15 Welcome Back Review of day-1 and Q&A discussion-based dialogue
9:15 Module 5: Branding, Marketing, & Media Relations

Attendees will understand:

  • The difference between brand identity, brand management and marketing, and how they intersect to make the HCC a recognizable organization in the community
  • The components of brand development and where to find and how to implement free and low cost resources to develop and implement the HCC's brand strategy
  • Why the HCC's brand identity is crucial to engaging healthcare executives, community leaders, and clinicians
  • How a consistent, professional brand identity for the HCC helps drive membership growth and long-term sustainability
  • How and where social media can be your inexpensive friend 
  • Advertising strategies for investor engagement vs the public .
10:15 Break Do your thing...
10:30 Module 6: Strategic Planning

Attendees will understand:

  • The 10 steps in the strategic planning process
  • The role of the coalition's board or interim board in strategic planning
  • When and why to engage a third-party facilitator
  • How to determine the length and complexity appropriate for your coalition
  • How to integrate strategic planning into your coalitions budget process and annual meeting
11:45 Q&A, Panel Discussion Do your thing...
12:00 Exodus Exodus - safe travels.

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it's a narrow target by design

healthcare coalition leadership, interim boards, and state preparedness staff

bParati Healthcare Coalition Workshop Locations

Most healthcare coalition workshops are intended to feed the needs of every member or, in some cases, the unique needs of a subset of members, such as long-term care centers or community health centers. And that's what coalitions are all about – delivering shared cost, shared effort preparedness opportunities like EOP, COOP, and risk assessment workshops and the design and delivery of exercises.

This workshop is different. It is targeted to reach coalition leaders from any number of coalitions in a multi-state region or within a single state.

Think of it as a shared cost, shared effort organizational development opportunity for the healthcare coalition's leaders, rather than a shared preparedness opportunity for its members. 


we bring the workshop to you

regionally available, hosted in major metro areas, in locations prioritized by you 

bParati Healthcare Coalition Workshop Locations

The annual conference is important, but it comes around only once a year. And it's unlikely to hit the coalition development target.

When you need help tackling a precise set of challenges, why wait all year hoping the annual conference agenda will meet today's needs?

workshop host

bParati healthcare coalition workshops can be hosted by a state or a coalition

bParati Healthcare Coalition Workshop Host Options

Hosting a workshop ensures that you'll get one in your neighborhood. Not to mention, host coalitions get four seats at no cost. Pretty sweet!

a quality workshop needs a quality sponsor

3M understands that healthcare coalitions with a solid foundation will be exponentially more effective

3M Logo

When it comes to putting traveling workshops on the ground in cities across the Nation, delivering a quality product requires complex planning and logistics. And 3M knows a bit about quality products, planning, and logistics.

And, consistent with bParati's mantra, through 3M Gives, they've proven they are company a with a soul.

workshop slide deck




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